Digital Solace

13 04 2007

What do the Red Sox, Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Dept, my local bank, & American Express have in common? When my wallet was stolen at Wed’s less-than-thrilling Sox game, I sought comfort in the digital world – checking for recent transactions on Amex (none, phew) or scary bank account activity (another phew), VoIPing ’em both to cancel cards, getting myself a spiffy new license on the MA RMV site, and then turning to Red Sox Nation to lament with my community about the devastation that happened to Dice-K at the hands of that young-un Hernandez. Another phew – felt much better after grumbling.

A few years ago I lost a wallet and spent about a week hunting down #s, dealing with nerves over what might show up on one of my accounts, and driving carefully so as not to get pulled over sans-license-on-hand. Wed night the only thing I was nervous about was the fact that I wasn’t nervous about the wallet loss, only the game loss (all right, so we’re overly emotional in Boston when it comes to the Sox).

I bonded with my online world that nite – those faceless people helping in my time of stolen-wallet/bad-baseball distress – geez, sounds like the theme of a crass TV commercial. But no TV for me, I’d rather go read some interesting blogs (like this one, or this one, or this one), see what’s up in open storage land, IM my teenagers… just generally basking in the warmth of my digital world.




2 responses

16 04 2007
Taylor Allis

Well, I’ll have to share my Digital Solace story as well, Amy…
You’d appreciate the irony of this, since I have been in the storage industry for several years. Months ago my home computer completely crashed (Windows btw, I now have an iMac which should run ZFS in an upcoming OS upgrade!)
But, guess who didn’t have a back up plan for his home computer? (The cobbler’s shoes comes to mind). This resulted in the loss of photos of our baby girl’s first 6 months of life (she turns 1 end of this month) – and also resulted in a very sad (and, eh, angry) wife. What to do?
Well as it turns out, being proud parents, we e-mailed EVERYONE photos of our baby girl. We also built photo books on-line using While we have not recovered all the photos, we have recovered some of the best – and no thanks to my backup plan (or lack thereof). The on-line world graciously held on to these precious photos, and delivered them back to us when called…

17 04 2007
John McArthur

Sorry to hear about your wallet. So how would you like to have a secure RSS feed of your real-time credit card transactions delivered to your Blackberry or SunRay? There’s some interesting technology at, that I wrote about in this blog entry: At least the Red Sox won last night.

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