Brad Pitt & George Clooney: Tape is not Dead

20 06 2007

When I was at the movies last week watching Ocean’s Thirteen, it dawned on me that our SL8500 tape library got closer to Brad Pitt and George Clooney than I ever will. As Nigel mentioned, we lent one of these beauties to Ocean’s Thirteen for the ‘Bank Casino Operations Center’. So yeah, tape is not dead. Tape is alive, well, and hanging out with the likes of George/Danny Ocean and Brad/Rusty Ryan.

But I wonder if George and Brad know just how awesome the SL8500 actually is. Do they know, for example, an SL8500 can hold a petabyte of data – about two hundred thousand copies of their Oceans Thirteen movie? Do they know that if the Bank Casino used 1000 cameras to gather their surveillance data and stored that data for 30 days, they would fill the tapes in an SL8500? And in interests of saving the planet, do they know tape is about 25 times less expensive to power and cool than disk because it uses that much less energy? All great news for the IT budget and the planet.

I spent some time this week with our Media and Entertainment sales team – to say the data in M&E is exploding is a complete understatement. One customer digitizing TV shows is expecting to have 50 petabytes of metadata to enable all the searches they need to handle – never mind the raw entertainment itself! And the M&E industry is heading full steam ahead into complete digitization, consumer mashups, affiliate communities… Data, data, and more data. No wonder why many cool web sites are using SL8500s to help store that data.

So, sure Brad and George were cast for the Ocean’s movies because they’re so hip, but our SL8500 certainly fit right in with the Ocean gang on their latest caper.




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20 06 2007


20 06 2007

And Judy likes it too!!!

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