I’m Blogging This…

23 08 2007

One of my favorite people gave me the I’m Blogging This t-shirt recently, and I’ve had some great fun wearing it around. O’Reilly is right that “it’s unlikely that you’ll actually see anyone overtly change their behavior lest they be blogged, but you’ll certainly shake up a paranoid few.”

The most paranoid reaction I got was from the poor hotel clerk who was helping me to get wireless working in my hotel room. I didn’t figure out until later that he probably thought I would blog about a bad Internet connection – maybe I couldn’t even post my blog because of it? I’m not a rampant consumer blogger though, and I’ll confess now that I had inadvertently hit the wireless switch on the side of my laptop, so it wasn’t even the hotel’s fault that I couldn’t connect.

It was interesting to see who commented when I wore the t-shirt while working at our Menlo Park campus: one IDC analyst, our analyst relations lead, an incredibly nice Sun communications manager (she introduced herself and exclaimed “what a great shirt” as I passed her in the courtyard), a Sun executive who really likes black t-shirts, and my product marketing buddy who really likes black shoes…




One response

27 08 2007

are those pointy black shoes?

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