Aussie Floyd, Football, and CIFS

6 11 2007

After enjoying an incredible Aussie Floyd concert in New Hampshire on Friday, the next day I joined my friends in Connecticut for another round… The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, an awesome rendition of The Great Gig in the Sky, flying pigs and so much more. But I digress – while there I picked up the newspaper, and on the front page was an article about my high school football team – the friday night lights of Connecticut with fifteen state championships in thirty years. A little further into the paper was talk about my college alma mater’s football team working hard for an undefeated record this year. And on Sunday I watched the Patriots sweat to keep their unbeaten record. All three teams have taken years to build their programs, and all three teams work hard day in and day out to be their best.

Hard work and sweat, day after day, year after year. Even the Aussie Floyders. I can’t imagine the stamina it takes to put on a show like that, and the energy it requires to move and reassemble all that equipment night after night, state after state, concert after concert. And as a rabid fan all around, I’ve always appreciated the hard work put in by my teams and bands. Truly, with two amazing concerts and three (almost) undefeated football teams – it was a really enjoyable weekend enabled by a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

Yesterday morning I ran into my pal Joe on the way into the office. Joe led the team that integrated our CIFS server into OpenSolaris, which is very cool because it makes OpenSolaris even more interoperable in Windows environments. This also means the open source world has the tools to build storage arrays and systems, and innovative new solutions for data management problems. And it didn’t come easy – Joe’s team has been working on this for a long, long time and by the look in his eye I could tell there were some weekends when they didn’t get to the concerts and football games.

Yup, I really enjoy good music, good football and good software. But it’s the hard work behind the scenes that makes it all worthwhile.




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