The ABCs of Services

16 06 2008

Need some OPA or PDQ anyone? A bit of SBL, a nip of RTPH? About a month ago I started a new job in Services Marketing, and while it’s been great meeting new people and learning all about our services offerings at Sun, I have to admit the acronyms are overwhelming. Funny thing… when I ask what they stand for – except for our sales team who knew every last one they used – 47.3% of the time no one could remember what the acronym meant (OK, I made up that statistic, but haven’t you heard that 47.3% of all statistics are made up?).

So now I know the CSEs are working on JESH in the NOC, which follows ITIL, and the SMGFS helps our customers with these CATK services.

I realigned those acronyms, and after removing duplicate letters, here’s what I came up with: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST. Seems we’re weak near the end of the alphabet. But I think I can say, it’s no longer all geek to me.

Now, as to what’s going on in services, we launched OpenSolaris this month at CommunityOne (a fabulous event – it you didn’t get there this year, plan on it for May09. FYI, the UnBOFs were outrageously fun! Interesting henna tattoos) and we also announced enterprise support for OpenSolaris. Customers wanting to run OpenSolaris as their OS of choice now have several options for support from Sun. For support coverage, they can purchase one of two new offerings – OpenSolaris Essentials or OpenSolaris Production Subscriptions. In addition, they can receive support coverage under their existing Sun System Service Plans for Solaris, and limited coverage under their existing Solaris Subscriptions. Developers can receive support through Developer Expert Assistance.

Open doesn’t have to mean alone. Product and service: that’s the right combination.




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18 06 2008
fintanr's weblog

[Trackback] My new boss, Amy O’Connor, (well my bosses boss) got a mention over on the On The Record blog last week, but for a slightly less formal introduction, and a lot more background, take a look at her blog .
Amys first post in her role as VP…

23 07 2008

your stats, isn’t that from a Guiness adv? (the beer not the book)?

6 08 2008
Seeley Roebuck

More AmyO blogs on Services please!! 🙂
Now, have you seen the latest…?

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