My All-Avatar Meeting

31 10 2008

AmyO Later All Hands How do you get your team together when they’re scattered all over the globe? Well, I hosted my first all-hands meeting in Second Life yesterday and it was awesome to see people from Germany, Singapore, London, France, Sweden, Canada, Colorado, California, and Massachusetts – to name a few – coming together, across time zones and continents, to share thoughts and ideas.

Mary Mary PresentingWhat a time to be in marketing – the transformation from traditional media to social media is changing how we interact with each other, our partners, and our customers. While there’s still lots to figure out about how to use social media effectively to get Sun’s message out through communities, we were privileged to have MaryMary (Sun’s Mary Smaragdis) to help lead our discussion. Mary talked about the exponential growth of the various Social Media communities and, most interestingly, she explained the powerful impact of individual conversations in this new social ecosystem. One short blog entry, one twitter, one facebook update can add to a cadence to create a ripple effect. These individual bloggers start and sway conversations within the tech-influencer community.

It was great to see everyone hang out after the all-hands to mingle – I particularly enjoyed the many conversations about avatar hairdos (“Are you the one with the green hair?” “I have more hair here than in the real-world”). And I’ll admit – I love that my avatar never has a bad hair day.




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