Of Classic Cars and Vintage Support

7 11 2008
Classic Yellow Mini AmyO Behind the Wheel Classic Green Mini

In a way that surprises me, I love my Mini Cooper. I’ve become a car enthusiast as I never imagined possible. My attachment to my car borders on the downright giddy. I love all things Mini Cooper and even went to a Mini Driving Academy. I’m fairly new to Mini Mania but I’ve seen my future in Classic Mini owners. At Mini Meet-ups the classic owners talk a lot about maintenance – where to get classic engine parts, where the best, most knowledgeable mechanics can be found, who to trust with your paint job.

At Sun we have a classic community too – our Solaris 8 users. They like what they have and want to stay at that rev. Our classic community doesn’t need to worry about maintenance or search for experts; Sun Services provides them Solaris 8 Vintage Patch Service. Vintage Patch Service can take two forms: straight-up Solaris 8 environment Vintage Patch support or Solaris 8 Containers run on a Solaris 10 machine with Vintage Patch support. Either way Vintage Patch support keeps our Solaris 8 users up and running smoothly.

And should our classic Solaris 8 users decide to move to Solaris 10, Sun Professional Services is ready with migration support to plan, test and implement their upgrade.




One response

8 11 2008
Don Racine

Hope you enjoy your Mini for as long as we have. The Green Mini as pictured above is my son’s favorite ride for sure. All the parts and help you could possibly need can be found here: http://www.minimania.com/home.cfm
PS- the Green Mini is currently resting in our showroom, prior to a new race season next spring.

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