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21 11 2008

SAS 20 Nov 2008 Yesterday I presented at the Sun Analyst Series (SAS) with Peter Ryan (Sun’s EVP of Global Sales and Services), Ingrid Van Den Hoogen (Sun’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing) and Dave Douglas (Senior V.P. of and now leading Cloud Computing and Developer Programs, and Sun’s Chief Sustainability Officer – I really believe he has the longest title at Sun).

It was a good day. We talked with industry analysts about Sun’s strategy for growth (software infrastructure, HPC, enterprise virtualization and consolidation, developer community growth and cloud computing), our new business groups (System Platforms, Application Platform Software, and Cloud Computing & Developer Platforms), and changes within marketing (product and technology marketing are now fully embedded directly into the product groups). Ingrid outlined the changes at Sun and how they’ll help us moving forward. Peter talked about how Sun’s innovations continue to set us apart (and ahead) of other companies. Dave gave a glimpse of cloud computing at Sun and I spoke about all the great things we do in Sun Services – oh, can I mention again that we have a great remote operations management business? As I said, it was a good day. We had a lot of good conversations. Answered a lot of good questions.

It was an even better dinner. You have to analyze the analysts a bit too – our crew at dinner was really interesting. We swapped stories all around and had a great time. The overall mode was really positive. If only the economy would agree.




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