Feeling green today

15 04 2009

Uptime Institute

I’m not green around the gills or even green with envy. I’m feeling Eco-Green!

Today Sun was named to the Uptime Institute’s Global Green 100 list. For three great green reasons:

  • We focus on building server, storage and software products that are sustainable. Some of my favorites are the new
    Open Network Systems announced earlier this week (using the killer Intel Nehalem processor at 30% less power for compute, and integrated flash at 38% less power/GB) and of course the virtualization built right into Solaris and OpenSolaris. Cuz we all know that most servers are drastically underutilized – like maybe by 85% – meaning lots of the power they consume and heat they put off is a complete waste. I’m also a fan of virtualized desktops – although the SunRay in my office throws off so little heat I have to wear gloves to keep my hands warm.
  • We’ve consolidated our Sun datacenters into eco-friendly environments, using next-gen power and cooling systems – saving 60% in power load. It took a lot of ingenuity to build those new datacenters – ingenuity fueled by the innovative minds at Sun.
  • And we’ve built professional services expertise around that innovation. So now we’re building eco-friendly datacenters for our customers – helping them to be as green as we are.

Which means next year I expect to see our customer names on the Global Green 100 list too.




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