If cloud is the answer, what is the question?

2 06 2009

Cloud Question

Every year in our IT industry we enthusiastically embrace a different buzzword as the panacea of IT. Recall grid, virtualization and ILM – all laudable technologies that solve IT problems, but not fitting the definition of panacea. This year the buzzword seems to be cloud.

I’m an ardent fan of technological innovation – without it we’re missing one of the most important ways to truly change the world in which we live. And I believe cloud is game-changing technology. Being a true geek, I’m genuinely excited about the potential cloud offers in changing the IT landscape dramatically: if done right it doesn’t matter how compute, network, and storage interact inside a cloud… leaving broad room for innovation that would be considered too disruptive in today’s datacenter… paving the way for a new generation of applications that will solve problems many of us haven’t even thought of yet.

Yet cloud is no panacea. It takes hard work to solve IT problems: scale, security, compliance, data portability, privacy and so on. In addition the use of cloud requires changes to IT process and organization, with risk around every corner. But there’s reward in embracing clouds – reward in using IT to enable businesses to enter new markets more quickly, using cloud to reduce IT costs through economies of scale, and in changing those age-old financial conversations around capital and expense.

But it takes expertise, experience, and insight to figure out how to apply cloud technologies to meet the IT challenges of today and tomorrow. Which is why our Professional Services team, who have been working with customers to make their IT environments as efficient as possible, will also help customers figure out where cloud fits in their IT roadmaps. It’s a perfect match – PS experts who understand where cloud technology is going and who work every day to build efficient datacenters, helping to determine where cloud fits in customer’s IT roadmaps.

So if the question is “How do I get the most efficient IT environment to run and grow my business – both today and tomorrow?”, our PS experts can help determine where cloud fits in the answer – for both today and tomorrow.




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