DeSchooling for the Geek in High Heels

12 06 2010

When my daughter started unschooling a few years back, she went through a decompression period called deschooling: “the mental process a person goes through after being removed from a formal schooling environment, when the ‘school mindset’ is eroded over time. Deschooling may refer to the time period it takes for children removed from school to adjust to learning in an unstructured environment.” High Heels

I have been deSomethingOrOther-ing for the past few months. Getting a tough acquisition out of my mind; shaking off the bad vibes from a year of layoffs; turning to non-profit work, an executive MBA program, and assistant teaching about IP protection. The smile’s returned to my face, the light to my heart, and the energy to my blog.

I hope in my next life to return as an inventor, a Nobel Prize winner, or a RedSox starting pitcher. But in this life I am satisfied to surround myself with geeks and enjoy my role as a Geek in High Heels. So I’ve moved my Sun posts over here to WordPress, and will continue the journey chronicling my encounters with the geekiness around us.

P.S. Sun provided a license option for content originally posted on This content was licensed to both Sun and the blog author, which allows for legal re-posts.




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