I hate running in circles

18 06 2010

CirclesA friend of my daughter is training for collegiate field hockey and has devised a plan to run varied distances each day towards her overall training goal. The thing is, Chicken (that’s her nickname, but I don’t think she’s afraid of much) says she hates to run in circles. So she took a map of Westford and found friends’ houses at different distances from her home. She runs the miles to a friends house, and then bums a ride back home so that she never has to run in circles.

I hate running in circles too, which is why I often gravitate towards strategy roles. But strategy is no ivory-tower event, to me it means three things: settling on one common goal, using the best of everyone’s ideas to create a plan as to where to focus, and mapping that plan against what is going on in the market. You end up with a goal that says we’ll grow revenue and margin by focusing on certain solutions through certain channels, a plan that says we adapt pricing and promotions for certain customers, and a map that shows how this plays out in meeting market demand and against the competition. And then you make sure the strategy works for your whole ecosystem of partners, suppliers, employees and customers so that you can all grow together.Chicken

Ya know, Chicken has a goal, a well-defined plan for each day, and a map so that she doesn’t end up running in circles. She is even leveraging her network of  friends for support. Now that’s a Chicken recipe with the right ingredients for success!




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