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Hello, I’m AmyO. I spent my childhood in a small town in Connecticut, living with my parents and three siblings. We learned commitment and hard work from my dad, who came from Ireland in his early 20s and fought in the Korean War in order to get his U.S. citizenship. I earned my degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Connecticut. I recently completed my MBA in the executive program at Northeastern University, with a rockin’ crew of fellow students/execs.

My career came in three stages. I spent many years as an engineer and technical architect before moving into my technical management stage. My technical  management time was spent leading product development and information technology organizations, building new products and services. I finally came to the realization that my questions about why we were developing certain products or services could better be answered if I moved to the business management side of high-tech. That’s how I became a geek in high heels. I’ve held multiple business strategy roles, including a nice stint as a vice president of marketing for a $5B services division of a computer manufacturer. I also led a Big Data team at a major mobile device manufactuter, where we built an incredible multi-petabyte platform, filled it will all sorts of data, and helped the biz to analyze that data in order to bring better and better products to consumers. I am now a Big Data Evangelist working for a great company called Cloudera. I help customers figure out the business value of Big Data solutions, and how to implement those solutions in their business.

I have been married for 27 years to my husband Ed, who is an adventure photographer. We have two children – or rather I should say two adults: our older daughter is finishing her doctorate program in quantitative psychology while our younger is busy traveling, farming, writing. I spend a lot of my weekday time traveling to customer, industry, and corporate events; my spare time helping with charity projects; and my really spare time avidly cheering the Red Sox (what a turn around this season!).


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23 11 2010
Derek Singleton

Hi Amy,

I thought you would like to know that I recently wrote an article on negotiating a Software-as-a-Service agreements. The article covers 9 key considerations when negotiating the contract. You can view it on my blog at http://www.softwareadvice.com/articles/enterprise/9-key-points-to-negotiate-in-a-saas-agreement-1112310/.

I am reaching out to a few bloggers to share the content and get their feedback. I thought it might be something that you and your readers would be interested in. Would you like to do a write-up about the content.

Please contact me at my personal email if you are interested.

Derek Singleton

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