Hadoop World Take Aways

28 11 2011

I deeply respect innovation and innovators – which is why I was thrilled to get to hear Doug Cutting speak at Hadoop World, and to meet the original Hadoop (Doug’s son’s stuffed elephant). Not that I can find much in common between Hadoop the elephant and Hadoop the framework for scalable, distributed compute and store. At Nokia we’re using the latter Hadoop to help us manage large amounts of semi and unstructured data. That data is our most important asset for enabling what we call the third wave of mobility – where we index the physical world in order to make it as simple and compelling to navigate the real world as it is to navigate the web. Kinda cool, huh? I talk about that some more in my interview with TheCube.

The Hadoop World conference was great – lotsa good speakers, interesting topics, new learnings. Beside being struck by conference growth (doubled from last year in number of attendees, which doubled from the year before), I had a few key takeaways:

  1. Organizing people to deal with Big Data is a challenge. We’ve devised what we call a collaborative working model at Nokia, where our central analytics team provides the technology, the data asset, and a foundation for analytics – which can then be used by data scientists and analysts through the company. This organizational model resonated with a number of attendees at the talk I gave on Big Data and organizational change.
  2. Hadoop is NOT a one-stop-shop, for anyone. Building a Big Data environment is about building an ecosystem. Ecosystem of apache projects, of course, but also as you implement you must make an ecosystem leveraging existing SQL, BI, stats tools. This makes adoption and implementation easier because you slide Hadoop under a lot of existing technology, which is particularly important in a company the size of Nokia – ain’t gonna change the way 60 thousand people work overnight.
  3. I love being a buyer: I’ve spent most my career on the vendor side of the house. Of course I love the attention from having a nice budget, but the real perk is being able to look at all the technology and figure out what makes sense for my business problem…vs peddling one solution over ‘n over.
  4. Everyone is hiring. Data is BIG and there are not enough technical or business leaders that know how to take advantage of the opportunity. This is a young industry with non linear opportunity. Just about every presentation at the conference ended with “We’re Hiring”. It got to be the joke of the conference after a while.

Oh, by the way, “At Nokia we’re hiring”.Smiley


Color my ‘LinkedIn’ world

3 11 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about storytelling and visualization. Listened to a great talk today at the Chicago Predictive Analytics conference by Scott Nicholson from LinkedIn. He talked about approaching analytics from the perspective of an economist vs a computer scientist. An economist will care about causation, while a computer scientist will care about probability. During his talk he used some very good visuals, and of course he’s dealing with interesting data (cuz it’s about all of us). So I checked out one of the tools he mentioned on the LinkedIn site to color my world. Causation for this network? There’s a high probability it was work, study, play…

Cell Phone Faux Pas

8 10 2011



My dear friend @Softwear_Chic, who knows all about what’s chic in this world, tweeted this link today while watching college football: 10 cell phone faux pas you really shouldn’t make.

A few minutes later I saw someone tweet the infograph to the left. But check it out: three of the most frequent places and times cell phones are actually used are on the faux pas list:

#2  Dinner

#6  Bar (or when seriously imbiding)

#10 Bathroom

Guess we’re just not capable of being “in the moment” anymore.

It was a very good year… when I was… 17? 21? 35?

1 10 2011

…yah those years were fun – and I’ll admit this past year wasn’t my seventeenth, or twenty-first or even my thirty fifth as Sinatra crooned. While I turned just a bit older during the past 525,600 minutes, more happened than even Sinatra coulda imagined. My two daughters left the nest, and I had a blast visiting them in their new homes in diff areas of NC. I started a new job running product management for cloud services at Nokia, graduated from Northeastern’s executive MBA program, and the next day started a new job as head of analytics at Nokia. I traveled internationally a buncha times: Mexico, Finlandx4, China, Hong Kong, India, Germany twice. OMG saw the most amazing places and met some incredible peeps. Just check out the view from my hotel room in Agra.

Ain’t nothin slowing down around here. Who said “age considers; youth ventures”? I’ll stick with “how sweet it is!”.


23 09 2010

Sitting here thinking about the error messages I see every day from the technology surrounding me. Like right now facebook is down and it’s not saying much about why. In most cases the error messages, or lack thereof, make my level of frustration even worse than that associated with the loss of service. Which is why I do appreciate humor in error messages, like this one from wordpress. I wonder how Matt feels about it though 🙂